Katsura Tree has a new pot



IMG_8732 IMG_8727For the full case history click on the LINK


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Taking My Time

Collected some years ago, this tree has now began to show it’s full potential. Plenty of movement, deadwood and design ideas, this tree has now had it’s first base wiring this spring and now refinement can begin. Simply being fed and left to strengthen over the years has helped the development of this tree. The heavy trunk still has some dramatic movement which is unusual for material of this kind.

Here is an old picture of this tree some years ago.



IMG_8181 IMG_8182




As for this deadwood. Well, a case of letting the tree get on with it proved very helpful. A live vein was tracked from the top and bark was stripped back, then decay took over on the dead areas of the upper trunk. Six years last the bulk of the tree needed thinning at the top. After all this time, all that was needed was some knob cutters, a small chisel and a wire brush to reach this finish.



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Triple Trunk Blackthorn

Well this picture is from last spring after a rushed repot (an accident) and this year has looked better than ever. Have a look at the histories page to see this trees beginnings.

IMG_5355.jpgWeb Edit




Early Summer 2014


IMG_5735.jpg web edit

Fell off it’s stand (my bad)


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Still Ticking Over Nicely

Hello all, sorry for the lack post of posts and updates recently, i’m a very busy person at the moment. Also, you may have seen the site suspended a few times (small problem with technical stuff I don’t understand). But anyway, here is a project that has been ticking over nicely for a few years. More photos in the case study page.

IMG_1383 IMG_3192


IMG_5402 IMG_5406

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Not long now everyone.




For all the guy’s who have emailed me about trees recently. Yes I will be there and yes I can bring up some stock but only on request. Other than that I’m just there to catch up with friends and enjoy the art.



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Hawthorn and Rock

Here is a bit of a strange one. I was not really sure what to do with this Hawthorn (I had fun and that’s what matters). Lots more work to do but I hope you guys like it.


Hawthorn Rock 1


Crataegus 2


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What to do, what to do ?


Here we are in spring 2014. The wire is off now and the rewiring begins soon.

IMG_5467.jpgWEB EDIT


Anyway as requested here is an update. I’ve not not really done that much but I am on the case in the new yew.

Haw Air Layer 2.12.13

Haw Air Layer 2.12.13.A

This was an air layer I took off a hedging hawthorn. After years of being forced different directions it now has created some great lines. But the branch placement is a bit of a twist of it’s own.

I’ll keep ya posted.

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We went Walk about…..

Hello Bonsai Friend,

Some of you may have noticed over the week or so that we have been off line. I just a little bit of technical hitch on the old server front, it’s all sorted now and we are back up and running, some would say ‘cooking on gas’ but I won’t go that far.

Anyway more pictures to post soon of ace affordable trees for everyones taste (if you like we have of course) so watch this space.

Nathan 😉

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Not able to make it, sorry!

Hi to everyone going to the Bonsai in Wales Show yeasterday and today. If you were hoping to see us there then I am sorry, we had pull out last minute (too many things to juggle at the Mo) . Email me if you were hoping to catch one of our trees.

Hope it all goes well

Regards Nathan

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Not Long Now Everybody

See you all there.

Regards SNSYamadori

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